Anthony Rychkov

Mentor: Dr. Daniel Smith
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
"When Dr. Smith agreed to become a part of my journey to do research, I was instantly engaged. Both Dr. Smith and I have similar interest of voting patterns and specifically those of people that fall into certain demographics such as Hispanics, African-Americans, and eighteen to twenty-four year olds and their voting turnout rates. Participation within this program will enable me to develop additional knowledge and experience outside the classroom which will provide a better understanding for myself and for my future."


Political Science



Research Interests

  • Public Policy
  • Political Behavior
  • Citizen Engagement

Academic Awards

  • Emerging Scholars Program 2015-2016
  • Florida Medallion Scholar


  • UF College Democrats
  • Bob Graham Center Student Fellowship
  • Catholic Gators


  • Alachua County Democratic Party

Hobbies and Interests

  • American Politics
  • Community Outreach
  • Traveling
  • Eating

Research Description

Voting: Is it Habitual?
In this research project, I will explore whether voting is habitual. Numerous academic studies and electoral analyses indicate that voting is habit-forming, once you vote, you are more likely to vote again. With the assistance of Dr. Daniel A. Smith as my mentor, I plan to draw on publicly available voter files from the State of Florida to test whether voters who registered to vote immediately prior to the 2008 and 2012 General Election, and who voted in those elections, voted in subsequent elections. I am particularly interested in the subsequent voting patterns of 18-24 year olds and racial and ethnic minorities who resided in predominantly student precincts in the City of Gainesville when they registered to vote prior to these elections, comparing their subsequent vote histories with similar residents of Gainesville who resided in non-student precincts when they initially registered. One of the main goals of my research is to figure out why turnout in non-Presidential elections in predominately student precincts in Gainesville is so low.