Ariana Agrios

Mentor: Dr. Beth Rosenson
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
"From a young age I knew I wanted to pursue a career in public service. A crucial part of the government work of which I one day hope to partake includes learning proper research techniques and independently pursuing projects. The Emerging Scholars Program offered the perfect way to jump into research, giving me the tools I required to navigate this new terrain. When I discovered that one of my favorite professors needed help working on a book in my field of interest it cemented my decision to get involved in research. "


Political Science and Spanish



Research Interests

  • Goverment
  • Women's Education in Development
  • Language Studies

Academic Awards

  • Emerging Scholars Program 2015-2016
  • John V. Lombardi Scholarship 2014-2018
  • Syril McNiff Irish Dance Scholarship 2014
  • Florida Foreign Language Teacher Association’s Scholarship 2014


  • Chomp the Vote
  • Graham Center Student Fellows
  • Gatorship


  • Voter Registration with Chomp the Vote

Hobbies and Interests

  • Irish Dance
  • Travel

Research Description

A Study of the Office of Congressional Ethics and its Effect on House Committee Investigations
During my project I will assist Professor Beth Rosenson of the UF Political Science Department with her book on congressional ethics investigations from 1798 to the present. My focus will center on the effects of the Office of Congressional Ethics, a semi-independent government agency tasked with examining charges, reporting its conclusions, and consulting the House Committee on Ethics. I plan to examine the cases that the office inspected from its creation in 2008 until the present day. I will also review how the Ethics Committee responded to those cases that the agency referred to it and how media portrayal of those cases influenced the final committee decisions.