Katiana Bague

Mentor: Dr. Maya Stanfield-Mazzi
"I got involved with research because I wanted to explore areas of Art History that I most passionate about. Research is an important component in the field of Art History. Thus, I wanted to get involved in this research program in order to dive deeper into a field I love. Participating in a research project early in my academic career brings me a step closer to achieving my goals in the field of Art History. "


Art History



Research Interests

  • Latin American Art
  • Muralism
  • Pre-Columbian Art

Academic Awards

  • Emerging Scholars Program 2015-2016



  • Library Volunteer Work

Hobbies and Interests

  • Drawing
  • Reading/Literature
  • Biking
  • Film

Research Description

Recent Maya Mural Discoveries (2000- Present)
The field of archaeology is, in the present day, very active in excavating and making new discoveries of ancient Maya visual culture. Even though this process takes time, when a new discovery is made, it reveals or brings forth a new understanding. My research project specifically focuses on the Maya murals discovered within the past sixteen years. To present the murals discovered within this time frame is to prove how the field of studying a culture of the past is still very active and relevant. Thus, with the discoveries of the murals, new information is brought forth and one gains a better visualization of the ancient Maya culture. Through my research, I will present new discoveries made with a description of how the murals were found. I will also place the murals in context by providing a brief overview of the site in which the murals were discovered. Then, I will take an art historical approach in describing the visual elements of the murals. This survey can allow one to see the different aspects of ancient Maya culture. With the research I have done so far, it is clear that although the murals do share some similarities, they are each quite unique and serve different purposes.