Miltiades Pardalos


Petar Momcilovic

College of College of Engineering

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Minor: N/A

Research Interests: Data Science, Systems Engineering, Risk Analysis

Academic Awards: Florida Benacquisto Scholarship (2015), Nicholas A. Cassas Scholarship (2015), 

Organizations: AHEPA, 


Hobbies and Interests: Computer Building, Programming, Table Tennis

Research Description:

Risk Analysis in Medicine

Currently, massive amounts of clinical data from electronic health records are being underutilized. One of the ways this data can be used is in the development of risk scores for medical procedures. The goal of the project is to analyze the current methods for risk analysis using this data. Specifically, the methods used to calculate risk of complications after major surgeries are studied and considered in relation to one another. These methods use data recorded during major surgical procedures and attempt to predict certain postsurgical complications. A number of probabilistic methods are considered, as is literature concerning both their effectiveness and ways in which the methods can be improved. We consider the predictive ability of these methods and analyze their effectiveness in predicting postoperative complications.