Naeem Motlagh


Bernadett Papp

College of Dentistry

Major: Biology

Minor: Religion

Research Interests: Virology, Molecular Genetics, Immunology 

Academic Awards: Emerging Scholars Program 2017

Organizations: Gators for Doctors without Borders, UF Food Science and Human Nutrition Club, UF Baha'i Association 

Volunteer: Dental Assistant at the UF College of Dentistry, Junior Youth group animator, Medical Mission trips to Nicaragua and Guatemala

Hobbies and Interests: Cooking, cutting hair, video production, being outdoors. 

Research Description:

Host reprogramming by the essential viral factor RTA during KSHV reactivation in primary effusion lymphoma cells

The purpose of the project is to prove and investigate the mechanism by which viral transcription factor RTA acts on the host (human) genome. This RTA protein is expressed in viruses within the Herpes family such as Kaposi's-Sarcoma associated Herpes Virus (KSHV) and Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV). Our study is on KSHV and is part of a larger scale investigation on how this virus relates to oral health and cancer