Sofi Sirocchi


Kyla McMullen

Computer and Information Science and Engineering 

Major: Applied Physiology and Kinesiology 

Minor: Music Performance; Undergraduate Certificate in Music in Medicine

Research Interests: Brain Computer Interface, Programming Interfaces, Human Centered Computing

Academic Awards: 2016 All-Florida Academic Team, State College of Florida Outstanding Graduate Award Finalist, 2016, State College of Florida Collegiate School Outstanding Graduate Award Recipient, 2016, 2016 UF Emerging Scholars Program.

Organizations: Generational Relief In Prosthetics, Adventist Campus Ministries, 

Volunteer: Malcom Randall VA Hospital, Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Grace Marketplace

Hobbies and Interests: Playing the violin, fitnness and exercise, traveling, volunteering.

Research Description:

Student Perspectives on Best Practices for Web-based Programming IDEs

This project discusses an experiment in which undergraduate computer science students evaluated two popular web-based programming IDEs developed for novice programmers. A survey was conducted to collect data regarding students' likes, dislikes, and recommendations for Cengage's MindTap and Pearson's MyProgrammingLab. Responses were coded to reveal common themes, and inter-rater reliability was calculated. A cluster analysis of all the codes identified five major themes: error detection, feedback, response time, aesthetics, and layout, which were used to derive five corresponding best practices for the development of web-based programming IDEs aimed at undergraduate students with an introductory level of knowledge in programming. The results of this study can be used to advance the development of these tools so that they may best meet students' learning needs.