2019 Fall Research Expo

Showcasing Research across campus!

The Fall 2019 Research Expo took place September 19th in the Reitz Grand Ballroom, and it was grand indeed. Over 75 professors and department representatives presented to undergraduate students on their current research projects and aspirations. Many provided hands-on activities such as a voice simulator and Virtual Reality headset to demonstrate the applications of current research being done at UF. Others, including the Department of European Studies and Department of African American Studies presented study abroad and other cultural opportunities that many students were not previously aware. These representatives from almost every department at UF sparked interests in the over 1,100 students who attended the Expo to learn about ways they could get involved with research and other unique opportunities on campus. Several classes including Research and Creativity and Journalism Reporting required their students to attend the Expo for personal and professional development and opportunities as well. All students had the ability to meander around the grand hall and leave with pamphlets of information, personal business cards, and new ideas and inspirations for how to make their time on campus meaningful and impactful through research.

The Center for Undergraduate Research and its Board of Students would like to extend their greatest thanks and gratitude to all faculty who participated in this event, and they are excited to help continue to foster relationships between undergraduate students and research faculty at UF.