College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

2020 Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium


Mapping the Cancer-Like Rough Endosperm414 Mutant in Maize
Student Compost Cooperative – “Plate-to-Plate” Sustainability
Impact of Healthy Meal Kits on Diet Quality
Impact of Terrigenous Organic Matter on Aquatic Microbial Communities and Functions
Dehydration Kinetics of the Filamentous Alga Oedogonium
Perspectives on Approaches to Reduce Rural Obesity: Insights from Community Stakeholders
Investigating Effect of Cull Tomatoes on Final Juice Quality
Use of Genetic Mutations to Thwart Cytoplasmic Male Sterility in Maize
Past Fire Regime and Fuels from Overstory Pines Interact to Affect Pine Savanna Plant Communities
Ants and Microbes 2020, a Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE)
What is in the Food We Eat and Use to Treat Patients?
Inside Out: UF Undergraduates Using Leonardo and Dragonflies to Teach K-12 Students
Survey of Statistical Analysis Software Use in Horticultural Research: Trends during the Last Decade
Barriers to Foster Parent Recruitment
Prevalence of Rickettsia Bacteria in African Tick Species
Parenting and Emerging Adulthood: Do Parents Still Matter?
Workshops for High School Science Teachers Improve Curriculum Design Expertise
Parent Views on Preventing and Minimizing Negative Effects of Cyberbullying
Investigation of an Unknown Pyricularia Species on Microstegium vimineum
The affect of precision ketogenic therapy on blood glucose and blood ketone levels in patients with epilepsy
An Investigation of Candidate Genes Related to Ovary Number in Apis mellifera (Western Honeybees)
Isolation and Characterization of Methanotrophic Bacteria from a Subglacial Antarctic Lake
Impact of Antibiotic Spray on the Taxonomic Diversity of Citrus Bacterial Communities
Composting - Fostering a Culture of Sustainability
Extracting “legacy” genes from an invertebrate sequence capture dataset to complement phylogenomic datasets
Effects of the Invasive Little Fire Ant on Ant Community Composition on UF Campus
Impact of Healthy Meal Kits on the Home Food Environment of Families with Low Income
Comparison of Rumen Fermentation and Microbiome of Rumen Samples Collected via Cannula or Stomach Tube
Microbial Composition in Two Ant Species Across a Geographic Region in Florida
How Do Plant-Pollinator Interaction Networks Vary Across Land-Use Types?
Does Protein Storage Regulate the Growth of Sexual Characters in a Model Pest Fly?
Seizure Trends in the Wildlife Trade
Metabolic pathways in serratia marcescens and their effect on virulence
Effects of an Invasive Species on Rodent Granivory
How Does Paired Male Aggression Predict Resource Dominance in More Socially Complex Environments?
Faculty Perspectives on Working with Students with Disabilities in Higher Education
Family Coping and Adjustment to a Child’s Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes
Social Feeding and its Impacts on Mouthpart Development
Vaccine Field Trial For Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease Virus in Farmed White-Tailed Deer in Florida
Analysis of Microbial Communities in Thermally Stratified Freshwater Florida Lakes
Precision Ketogenic Therapy Prescription Implementation Tools
Impact of Meal Kits on Disordered Eating Attitudes Among African American Adults with Low Income
Hollies and their Pests
Effects of simulated microgravity on Streptococcus mutans oxidative stress tolerance & survival
Wiregrass (Aristida beyrichiana) survival after re-introducing fire in a long-unburned pine savanna
Are Ants good organisms to teach K-12 students about invasive species?