College of Health and Human Performance

2020 Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium


Health Promotion Control Groups in Physical Activity Interventions for Opioid Dependence Treatment: Brief Narrative Review
South Pacific Study Abroad Program’s Impact on Students’ Major and Career Choice
Consideration of Future Consequences and Substance Use in Truant Adolescents
mHealth Intervention to Reduce At-Risk Alcohol Use in College Students: Protective Behavioral Strategies and Motivation
Baseline Protective Behavioral Strategies' Effect on Motivational Interventions Surrounding College Sporting Event Alcohol Consumption
Relationship among Living Situation, PBS use and Success of intervention.
Walking Deficits in People with Parkinson’s Disease and Osteoarthritis
Pain Endorsement and Marijuana Demand
Neural predictors of cognitively-demanding walking performance in young and older adults Screen reader support enabled.
Development of Genetic Tools to Manipulate Glycolytic Flux for Potential Gene Therapy
Neighborhood Characteristics and its Association with Problematic Cannabis Use in Truant Adolescents