CURE Courses

2020 Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium


mHealth Intervention to Reduce At-Risk Alcohol Use in College Students: Protective Behavioral Strategies and Motivation
Baseline Protective Behavioral Strategies' Effect on Motivational Interventions Surrounding College Sporting Event Alcohol Consumption
Relationship among Living Situation, PBS use and Success of intervention.
Ants and Microbes 2020, a Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE)
A Tumor Microenvironment Model for Investigating Cancer Cell Dynamics during Angiogenesis
The creation and characterization of new plasmids by inserting specific DNA sequences of Ribonucleotide Reductases from bacteria into pMCSG7 and
Cultural Programming: Stigma and Healthcare
Construction of a Database of Peripheral Nerve Anatomy for Neural Interface Research
Fostering Innovative Thinking in Engineers at the University of Florida
Comparing Corporate Financial ​Growth with Philanthropic Pursuits
Comparing Corporate Financial ​Growth with Philanthropic Pursuits
Florida plants and climate change
Florida Plants on the Tree of Life
What is in the Food We Eat and Use to Treat Patients?
Smart Wearhouse Human Robot Interaction
Analyzing User Interaction Strategies with Health Insurance Decision Aids
Inside Out: UF Undergraduates Using Leonardo and Dragonflies to Teach K-12 Students
Effective Implementation of Visualization Technology in Construction Safety Training
Exploring Opportunities to Integrate Virtual Reality into Construction and Transportation Safety Training
Integrating Virtual Reality into Construction Safety and Transportation Training