Relationship among Living Situation, PBS use and Success of intervention.

Elizabeth Lantzy, Jessica Weber, and Lauren Weinsier

Authors:  Elizabeth Lantzy, Jessica Weber, and Lauren Weinsier

Faculty Mentor:  Robert Leeman

College: College of Health and Human Performance


Background: Research shows a significant relationship between undergraduate student housing and alcohol misuse. It also shows change in protective behavioral strategies (PBS) mediates intervention receipt and alcohol outcomes. This study examines change in PBS as a mediator and housing as a moderator between intervention and college alcohol use.
Method: Participants are students between 18-25 recruited in sports games lines. They complete one survey on alcohol consumption prior to and after the game, and two the next day to record alcohol-related consequences. Participants are randomized to an intervention or control and complete follow up surveys one, three, and six months after.
Expected Results: We expect Greek and off-campus housing to strengthen the relationship between intervention and alcohol use. We hypothesize interventions will increase PBS use and decrease alcohol consumption. We expect housing type to influence the intervention’s ability to limit alcohol use. We expect change in PBS to be a reason for the intervention’s success, with more PBS use associated with decreased alcohol use.
Conclusions: This study will show that a PBS-focused intervention may increase PBS use among students. This may limit alcohol use and its consequences. Future interventions may be catered towards specific housing of students for best results.

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