Student Spotlight: Ximena Wellmann

Fall 2020

Ximena Wellmann is Senior at the University of Florida and is a member of the University Research Scholars Program and the University Scholars Program. Her research project is entitled: Design an Intervention in Environmental Sustainability and Gender Equity in Honduras. Below are a summary of Ximena’s project, experience with research, and plan for the future.

Summary of Research Project: My research project looks at the needs of a community in Honduras, and ways to incorporate gender considerations in an environmental concern to reduce gender-based violence and generate economical opportunities for women.

Why did you get started in undergraduate research? Personal interest of the topic and experience.

How has your research experience shaped your undergraduate career? My research experience has helped me to find out my own interests for the future and learn more about developing health interventions.

What advice would you give someone interested in undergraduate research? Do not be afraid to ask! If something interests you, give it a try, talk to that professor or graduate student. Most people are open to give you an opportunity to learn and contribute to the research.

What are your plans for the future? Graduate school to get a MPH in Global Health and do an internship at the WHO.