Assistant Professor in Environmental Engineering Sciences

Alberto Canestrelli, PhD

Alberto Canestrelli is an Assistant Professor in Environmental Engineering Sciences at the University of Florida. Fascinated with natural phenomena involving water flow and its interaction with the surrounding environment, Dr. Canestrelli studies the long term modeling of the morphodynamic evolution of river estuaries and back barrier basins, with a particular focus on salt marsh erosion and progradation. His research also focuses on the storm surge forecast, and on modeling of the long term evolution of beaches, with a particular focus on beach recovery. He is also studying the impact of crab grazing on the hydrodynamics of tidal creeks, in collaboration with Prof. Christine Angeline. Finally, he is interested in the modeling of nutrient dispersal in estuarine waters by means of tides and waves. 

During the Spring 2020 semester, Dr. Canestrelli taught an Engineering CURE class to a small group of University Research Scholars, allowing second semester freshman to gain invaluable research experience.

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