Associate Professor of Evolutionary Ecology

Christine Miller, PhD

Dr. Christine Miller is an Associate Professor of Evolutionary Ecology in the Entomology and Nematology Department. Dr. Miller works on the evolution of morphology and behavior, particularly in the field of sexual selection. She uses insects to understand the fundamentals of why animals do what they do and are shaped the way they are shaped. Dr. Miller has for many years worked to foster mentoring excellence in her research laboratory.

Twelve years ago when starting at UF/IFAS, Dr. Miller directly mentored a team of undergraduate researchers to accomplish her research objectives. As time passed and her laboratory team grew, she began focusing her direct mentoring efforts on postdoctoral researchers and graduate students. These members of her team then have each mentored their own teams of up to 12 undergraduate researchers each semester within Dr. Miller’s research group making for an invigorating and collaborative research experience.   She is pivotal in bringing CURE classes to UF and supports our second semester freshman in the University Research Scholars Program.  Dr. Miller has also mentored 7 University Scholars and 2 Emerging Scholars.

Thank you for your support of undergraduate research and CUR’s mission!