Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics

Darryl Chamberlain Jr, PhD

Dr. Darryl Chamberlain Jr. is a Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics.  His research specialties include:  Proof Comprehension and Validation, Cognitive Development of Precalculus Concepts (e.g., functions, limits, covariational reasoning), Teaching and Learning with Technologies, Curriculum Development and Task Design, and Educational Assessment Construction and Validation. 

Dr. Chamberlain reached out to CUR to find undergraduate researchers who would want to conduct their own research project on how other students develop an understanding of a mathematical concept. This project, interdisciplinary in nature, allows researchers to work on combining their mathematical knowledge and understanding of how people develop knowledge.  In addition to this project, Dr. Chamberlain continues to use CUR to recruit undergraduate researchers using our student opportunities database.

Thank you for your contribution to undergraduate research!