Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology

Pouya Alexander Ameli, MD, MS

Research Website

Dr. Pouya Ameli is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology in the Division of Neurocritical Care.  During his career, Dr. Ameli has been involved in a wide variety of research including: the role of specific cell cycle kinases in the development of breast and prostate cancer, aquaporin protein involvement in the effects of acetazolamide on hydrocephalus, the genetics of stroke outcome, and vital sign instability as a predictor of clinical deterioration.  

Dr. Ameli and his team built a virtual shadowing program to create an opportunity for undergraduates to learn more about various health professions within the limitation of the pandemic. The program is coupled with a research project that will hopefully show that virtual shadowing is an effective way of exposing students to the breadth of health professions. Dr. Ameli is the PI but wanted to give credit to Alyson Moriarty, a UF undergraduate, for putting this program together. 

Thank you for your contribution to undergraduate research!