Professor in the Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences

Chang-Yu Wu, PhD, MS

Dr. Chang-Yu Wu is a Professor in the Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences in the Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment. His teaching and research interests range from air pollution control, aerosol science, environmental nanotechnology, dust control to engineering education. As of March 2019, he has published over 150 refereed journal articles, given over 300 conference presentations and over 70 invited lectures, and received 6 US patents and 3 pending applications. An active member of A&WMA, AAAR and AEESP, he has received several awards recognizing his accomplishments in education, research and services. 

Dr. Wu has mentored 7 University Scholars since 2011 and continues to mentor our undergraduates in research. 

Thank you Dr. Wu for all you have done for our students!