Professor of Medicine, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Department of Medicine

Peter W. Stacpoole, PhD, MD

Dr. Peter W. Stacpoole is a Professor of Medicine, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology in the Department of Medicine in the College of Medicine. Dr. Stacpoole’s federally-sponsored research is broadly focused in two areas: intermediary metabolism and new drug development. He conducts patient-oriented research in the Shands Hospital Clinical Research Center (CRC) and collaborates with investigators across N. America on research into the causes and treatment of genetic mitochondrial diseases, due to nuclear DNA or mitochondrial DNA mutations in genes that encode enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism or oxidative phosphorylation. He also collaborates with other faculty at the University of Florida to investigate the regulation of homocystine metabolism in humans in response to different genotypes or nutritional perturbations. Dr. Stacpoole currently mentors 2 undergraduate researchers in the University Scholars Program and uses the CUR Database to advertise research opportunities for undergraduates. 

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