Research Professor, Bioenergy and Sustainable Technology

Ann C. Wilkie, PhD

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Dr. Ann Wilkie is a Research Professor, Bioenergy and Sustainable Technology, in the Soil and Water Sciences Department. 

In the BioEnergy and Sustainable Technology (BEST) Lab in the Soil and Water Sciences Department at the University of Florida, they investigate and develop bioremediation techniques for agricultural and industrial wastes, with emphasis on the microbial and environmental factors influencing biodegradation. Their current focus includes livestock waste management technology for odor control, energy production, nutrient recovery and water quality improvement. 

They offer opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in experiential learning through individual research projects and internships in the lab and hands-on field work in the Student Compost Cooperative facilities and gardens. 

In addition to research projects completed during the Bioenergy Summer Internship Program, the BEST Lab has provided opportunities for undergraduate students to conduct research as McNair Scholars and University Scholars. Dr. Wilkie has mentored over 11 University Scholars during the last 10 years.  In addition to her mentoring, she has taught CURE classes to second semester freshmen in the University Research Scholars Program.

To view some of her undergraduate student projects visit this website:

Thank you Dr. Wilkie for your diligent support of undergraduate researchers!