Professor & Chair, Political Science Internship Coordinator, Department of Political Science, CLAS

Daniel Smith, PhD

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Dr. Daniel Smith is a Professor and Chair in the Department of Political Science. His research specializes in State Politics, Direct Democracy, Voting Rights & Elections and is  is motivated by understanding how political institutions affect political behavior across and within the American states.Among these topics, Dr. Smith has examined the effects of ballot measures, campaign financing, redistricting, and electoral laws on voting rights and political participation in the American states. He has written extensively on the history of the adoption of direct democracy in the American states, the campaign financing of ballot measure campaigns, and the impact of ballot measures on candidate elections. Dr. Smith has supervised dozens of undergrad honors and Junior Fellows, as well as University and CLAS scholars. He has coauthored more than a dozen scholarly articles and book chapters with both his graduate and undergraduate students. 

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