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Jesse C. Jones, MSc

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Jesse Jones is a Research Extension Associate in the Residential Landscape Ecology Lab in the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.  The Residential Landscape Ecology (RLE) Lab at the School of Forest Resources and Conservation is pursuing research to determine how residential landscaping practices affect species diversity, ecosystem services, water resources, and maintenance costs. Through collaboration with stakeholders and other extension efforts, this project will develop resources that promote the adoption of environmentally and economically sustainable landscape designs throughout expanding and existing urban environments. 

The RLE Lab uses CUR to reach students for this project using our student opportunity database.  Their opportunity for students presents a unique opportunity to gain highly versatile research skills through field work, lab experience, and data analytics alongside a dynamic team of interdisciplinary researchers and extension professionals. Student researchers would learn sampling vegetation, pest pressure, pollinators, and soil from residential yards; processing samples in the lab; data input and analysis; working with stakeholders to develop outreach products to promote sustainable landscaping; and general tasks supporting the lab’s mission. 

Thank you for your support of undergraduate research at UF!

Image credit:  Jesse Jones

Image credit:  Jesse Jones