Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering Sciences

Kathe Todd-Brown, PhD

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Dr. Kathe Todd-Brown is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences at the Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment. She is a computational biogeochemist who uses mathematics and computers to understand how soil breathes. Her research areas are systems ecology & ecological engineering, coastal ecosystem dynamics. Her research interests includes soil biogeochemistry, informatics, process-rich models.  

Dr. Todd-Brown currently has 11 undergraduates working in her lab and this year they presented their first Research Symposium (image below). This year they shared ongoing research on a variety of computational biogeochemical topics including: a land carbon stock estimation for regions in northern Canada, a land carbon model with integrated fire component, a new GUI and documentation for a coastal carbon model, best practices for compiling research driven soil data products, and a summary of soil data product structures. 

Thank you contributing to undergraduate research! 

Additional Information:

Here is a link to a slide deck that her students presented in August: 

And the accompanying abstracts:  

The lab has two products, a model that incorporates fire into a carbon model here: and a report out on some interviews with soil database creators here: both are works in progress and should be considered drafts. 

Image Credit:  Kathe Todd-Brown