UF Health Cancer Center

The UFHCC University Scholars Program is a competitive two-semester program providing UF undergraduate students with cancer research experience in basic, clinical or population sciences. Students self-select interests aligned with the UFHCC research programs. Selected applicants are matched with UFHCC mentors. Scholars complete research projects, present at a research symposium, and publish in a peer-reviewed journal. Graduate students serve as mentors and give seminars, laboratory demonstrations and career development lectures. An important goal is to broadly offer these research opportunities. Consequently, applications from students who lack research experience as well as students already participating in research are considered. Scholars completing the program have made significant scientific contributions, including presentations at regional/national conferences, publications, and national research internships.  

Recognizing that many of their 2020-2021 cohort of scholars were unable to participate in hands-on research due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they staff at the UFHCC came together to create a specific experience for their students.  They created a virtual Core Concepts of Cancer Research Course covering basic cancer biology, therapy, and cutting-edge cancer research. Scholars are trained in literature searching, paper reading and proposal writing skills and are guided to initiate a research proposal. The scholars will transition to hands-on research for their 2nd semester. This course will augment the scholars’ training by enhancing their understanding of cancer research. 

Here is the link to their website information: https://cancer.ufl.edu/education/undergraduate/ufhcc-university-scholars-program/ 

UFHCC has supported over 35 University Scholars in the past 3 years, showing consistent and continued support for undergraduate research.

Thank you for your all of your contribution to undergraduate research!