Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Coordinator, Microbiology and Cell Science

Monika Oli, PhD


Dr. Monika Oli is a senior lecturer in the department of Microbiology & Cell Science. Dr. Oli is also an Undergraduate Coordinator and advises students on long term planning, questions about microbiology and related careers, 4+1 programs and post-bac opportunities. Dr. Oli is passionate about fostering creativity, sharing her enthusiasm for microbiology and everything related to it, and is a mentor for her students no matter what questions or concerns they may have. Dr. Oli’s Microbiology Teaching Lab works to develop and conduct microbiology teaching labs, integrating quantitative and bioinformatics methods, critical thinking experimental design and independent research into the undergraduate curriculum. For  online students Dr. Oli developed a condensed hybrid-bootcamp laboratory to provide hands-on experimental experiences for online students.

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