Director, Electronic Delivery of Gator Engineering; Professor, Environmental Engineering

David W. Mazyck, PhD

Dr. David Mazyck is  a professor of environmental engineering and the director of the Electronic Delivery of Gator Engineering. Dr.  Mazyck was the winner for the University of Florida ESSIE Faculty Mentor Research Award in 2018. In the classroom, Dr. Mazyck excels at creating an engaging learning atmosphere with his students no matter the size of the class. Dr. Mazyck’s highest achievement in the lives of his students is his strong position as a role model. In addition to his research program and teaching curriculum, for the past 5 years Dr. Mazyck has been working with over 80 engineering students across all engineering fields in the college assisting them in writing NSF graduate research fellowship applications. The process in which he engages these students (>20 students a semester) is the optimal mentorship role. Students from the class reach out to Dr. Mazyck regularly to discuss potential careers change, job offers, counseling with their current PhD advisors and the list goes on and on. They see a true mentor and friend in Dr. Mazyck as he always makes us question our choices and develop clear vision for the future. 

Dr. Mazyck has mentored over 7 University Scholars over the past 5 years and 1 Emerging Scholar.

Thank you for your support and contribution to undergraduate research!