Welcome to the 2021 Spring Undergraduate Research Virtual Poster Session, hosted by the Center for Undergraduate Research.

Held March 25, 2021


I am delighted to welcome you to the 22nd Annual UF Undergraduate Research Symposium, and the second Virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium. I am especially proud of the 333 student researchers who found a way to continue to conduct research in the face of all of the obstacles that the COVID pandemic entailed. Additionally, we are excited to include 84 of our freshmen Course Based Undergraduate Research Course students who are presenting 25 of their team research projects. This year you will find enhancements of the virtual format including zoom links to provide a real-time mechanism to interact with the students face-to-face. The comment boxes also allow you to ask them questions and to comment on their work. I applaud all the students who met this challenge are ready to interact with you about their research. I also thank all of the faculty research mentors who helped them with this new format.

Go Gators! Go Research!

Dr. Anne Donnelly
Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research

The Undergraduate Research Symposium provides a chance for students to present their research.  The 2021 was held virtually.  All areas of research are presented.  Presenting at the symposium gives students valuable presentation experience, as well as a place to network and learn about research in a variety of fields.


Poster Presentations By College

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2021 Best Paper Awards

Aimee Briel Clesi

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steven Noll

The New Southern Gothic: Habeas Corpus, AEDPA, and the Nightmare of Proving Actual Innocence

Jeffrey Hayden

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matthew Jacobs

Leverage — How U.S. Aid Outpaced Cold War Ambitions in Afghanistan

Grace Hansen

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Roland Staud

The Impact of Repeated Lidocaine Injections, Exercise, and Mindfulness on Fibromyalgia Symptoms in a Clinical population: A Pilot Study