College of Design, Construction & Planning

2021 Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium


Novel clinical collaboration between a musician in residence and a speech-language pathologist Read more
Nitrate Adsorption by Activated Carbon Read more
Brain Functional Network Biomarkers of Cognitive Impairment Transitions in Aging Read more
The New Southern Gothic: Habeas Corpus, AEDPA, and the Nightmare of Proving Actual Innocence Read more
"First in the South and Second to None in the Nation": President O'Connell's vision for the University of Florida. Read more
Analysis of Demand Change at a University Counseling Center Read more
First Generation College Students & Financial Literacy: The Impact of Social Connections Read more
Evaluating the Effect of Age on Cognitive Control Amongst Moderate Drinkers Read more
Researching Digital Interfaces to Raise Awareness about the Impacts of Gun Violence Read more
Mapping Burrows of the Gopher Tortoise Read more
The Differential Impact of Positive, Negative, and Neutral Peer Interactions on Performance and Attitude in a Virtual Environment Read more
Effects of BPA Exposure on Reproductive Health Read more
Perspectives on Undergraduate Research Read more
Cables from Cuba: Cross-Strait Solidarity and Politics in Ybor City, 1898-1961. Read more
The Experiences of Mixed-Race Students on College Campuses and their Impact on the Self-Identification Process Read more
Temporal Relationship Between Dietary Oxalate Load and Fluid Intake on Spot Urine Oxalate Testing Read more
The Student Compost Cooperative - Cultivating Compost Collaboration Read more
The Impact Of Patient Age On The Acceptability Of Telemedicine In The Context Of COVID-19 Read more
Is Multiple Franchise Ownership a Good Idea? The Business Advantages and Legal Complications of this Business Model, Especially as it Read more
Evaluating Changing U.S. Immigration Policy and the Agricultural Labor Supply Read more
Trial-by-Trial Analysis as a Tool for Paired-Associates Learning Read more
A detailed analysis of secure messages between cancer patients and doctors during COVID-19 Read more
Sustainability Analysis of Agricultural Development in Trinidad and Tobago Read more
Organics Detection in Acid Mine Drainage with Implications for Organics Preservation in Iron-rich and Saline Environments on Mars Read more
Mechanical and Microstructural Characterization of HY-80 Steel Read more
Designing Chip Scale Surface Plasmon Electro-Optic Devices Read more
Perceptions of SNAP on a College Campus and Obstacles to Applying Read more
A low-cost, high-definition heterodyne phase camera Read more
Sunset or Sunrise? Framing the Science and Policy of Rooftop Solar PV in Florida Read more
Caregiver Influence on Physical Activity Engagement in Youth with Comorbid Obesity and Asthma Read more
Relationships Between Adolescent Alcohol Use and Gender, Urbanicity, and Family Profiles: An Exploratory Analysis Read more
The association between stress and coparenting quality: A quantitative analysis. Read more
Cultural Programming Read more
Investigating Virtual Reality's Capability in the Future of Nuclear Reactor Training Read more
Demonstrating the Capabilities of TEENI Electrodes in a Peripheral Nerve Read more
Examining influenza vaccine administrations and popular internet search terms: Vaccine skepticism fueled by misinformation Read more
Reaching for the Stars: Exploring the Connection Between Light Pollution and Mental Health in the United States Read more
Precision Ketogenic Therapy Throughout the Life Cycle Read more
What Drives Growth: Analyzing Quantitative Factors that Impact Long-term Corporate Growth Rates and their Variation across Sectors Read more
Examining Reinforcement of Sedentary Behaviors and Weight Status Among Adults Read more
Identifying virulence factors in norovirus infection Read more
The Mad Dog Diet: A Preliminary Study of Free-Roaming Dog Feeding Ecology in Northeastern Madagascar Read more
A Rodent Model of the Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury on the Paired Associates Learning Task Read more
Detection of Organics in Icelandic Hot Spring Deposits with Implications for Organics Preservation on Mars Read more
Differences in thermoregulatory behavior in anoles across urban and forested habitats Read more
Associations Between Sleep Quality, Household Income, and Medication Adherence in Adolescents With Asthma Read more
Analytical Chemistry Methods in Ceramic Analysis to Determine Provenance and Production of Pottery in the Caribbean and Bahamian Islands Read more
Examining Waterways Near UF Campus for Antimicrobial Resistance Read more
Dose Calculation Errors in Lung Cancer Patients Receiving Proton Therapy Read more
VR Behavioral Study Read more
Drench Applications of Humic Acids Do Not Improve Southern Highbush Blueberry Transplant in Soilless Substrates Read more
Codeswitching in Arabic-language media Read more
Scuttling into the Margins: an examination of insects in literary fiction Read more
Organics Detection in Ancient Cratonic Rocks Using TMAH Wet Chemistry Read more
The association between cognitive function and sleep among people living with HIV in Florida Read more
The effects of cabbage looper herbivory damage on wild radish seed production Read more
American BrOT Digitization in the Steel Bridge Industry Read more
Discursive Change and the Electoral Success of the Populist Radical Right Read more
Clements Markham and the Social Apparatus of a Cinchona Mission in the British Informal Empire (1859-1861). Read more
Pr3Tl: a potential magnetic topological semimetal Read more
Development of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Vehicle Structures Read more
Effectiveness of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for detecting Gopher Tortoise Burrows After Prescribed Fire Read more
Loss of muscle IGF-1 restricts functional fitness adaptation to endurance exercise Read more
Asian-Americans’ Perspectives on Pandemic-Related, Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Read more
Osteological Analysis and Reconstruction of an Isolated, Fragmented Skull from St. Augustine, Florida. Read more
Analysis of Earthworm Depuration Conditions and Kinetics Read more
Hedonism, Prostitutes, and Gods at the Floating, Hidden World (Kakurezato) of Yoshiwara Read more
Optimization of Parameters for Aerosolized Nanoparticle Delivery Read more
Optimization of Algal Dehydration Kinetics Read more
Public perception to composting and perceived barriers to compost participation Read more
Using Systems Requirements Analysis to Evaluate Infection Control in Healthcare Design for Interior Materials Read more
To be or not to be a “frontline physician”: Professional identity formation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more
Immune system and α-synuclein pathology in Parkinson's Disease Read more
Assessing common bean (phaseolus vulgaris) under water stress Read more
CRAsset: A Clinical Recruitment Informatics Tool to Facilitate Clinical Recruitment and Administrative Overhead Read more
Small molecules as a novel approach to treat fatty fibrosis Read more
Social Network Approaches to Bilingualism Read more
Novel Bio-ELISA Reliably Detects Human and Murine Tyrosine Hydroxylase Read more
Induced Alpha Helix Formation During Biosynthesis of Microviridins Read more
Models of Gliomas Read more
A Novel Method to Study Dopamine Transport and Synthesis in Regulatory T cells Read more
Focus on Access to Care in the Journal of the American Dental Association Read more
Age-related alterations in prelimbic cortical neuron Arc expression vary by behavioral state and cortical layer Read more
Fairy Tales, Horror, and Uncanny Protagonists of the 19th Century Read more
Cite Your Source: Most Common Sources for PrEP Information Read more
The Development of Prepositional Collocations in Learner English Read more
Language Typologies and Attentional Control: Evidence from the Global Local Task Read more
Effect of Heat Stress During Late Gestation on Multiparous Holstein Cows and Offspring Read more
Garnering Attention on Social Media: A Multi-level Analysis of Nonprofit Behavior on TikTok Read more
Investigating Diversity in Graspeptides Read more
Student-Teacher Relationships and Student Receipt of Mental Health Services Read more
The Effect of Perfluoroheptanoic Acid on the Development and Behavior of Danio rerio Read more
Pilot Project for Honors Thesis Read more
An Outreach Approach on Antimicrobial Resistance & Citrus Greening Disease Read more
Photochemistry of (η3-allyl)Ru(CO)3X Precursors for Photoassisted Chemical Vapor Deposition Read more
An arrestin-1 surface opposite of its interface with photoactivated rhodopsin engages with enolase-1 Read more
Salivary Biomarkers associated with Systemic and Oral Diseases Read more
Evaluating the Efficacy of a School-Based Sexual Abuse Prevention Program, Safer, Smarter Kids, for Elementary-Aged Children Read more
Counterterrorism and Immigration in Hungary Read more
Comparison of Accelerated Failure Time Model Estimators Read more
Protect the Filter Bubbles: Emphasizing User Speech Rights in Algorithmically Curated Online Forums Read more
Effects of a Ketogenic Diet on Prefrontal Cortical and Hippocampal Membrane and Cytosolic GLUT4 levels Read more
African Past, American Future: Uplift Ideology in Early 20th Century Opera Read more
Externalizing Behaviors in Children with Cystic Fibrosis: Relationships with Demographics and Health Outcomes Read more
The Effect of Herbivore Interactions on Plant and Seed Development Read more
COVID-19 Impacts Mental Health Outcomes and Ability/Desire to Participate in Research Among Current Research Participants Read more
Optimizing Neuroprosthesis Longevity via Electrode Design: The Role of Electrode-Site Area Read more
Measuring Motion of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Through Digital Video Analysis Read more
Surrogate Delay Discounting Rate Depends On Observation of Different Health Behavior Read more
Identifying Interactions between Murine Norovirus, C. albicans, and E. coli mutants Read more
A Profile of Health Care Infrastructure and Social Determinants of Health Between Patients with Diabetes with/without Complications in the Florida Read more
Framework for Rigid Microstructures Read more
Effect of Broadband White Light Supplemented with Far-Red and Blue LEDs on Intumescence Injury of Compact Tomato Transplants Read more
Skateboarding, Yes, We Do It Too: The Experiences of Women Skateboarding in the U.S. Read more
Exploring How Early Season Tropical Cyclones Indicate Full Season Activity Read more
Regulation of Shedding of Coupling Extracellular Vesicles by Osteoclasts by the Retromer Read more
The impact animal-based vs plant-based proteins have on inflammation makers among adults with chronic kidney disease: A systematic review/meta-analysis Read more
Adjusting to Sentences: A Brain Wave Study Read more
What do Parasympathetic Ganglia Neurons have to do with Type 1 Diabetes? Read more
Modeling Diffusion of Proteins from PEG-Based Hydrogels Utilized for Investigating Natural Killer Cell Migration Read more
Carryover Effects of Fertilizer and Weed Control Treatments on Soil Nutrients and Organic Carbon and Nitrogen in Southeastern Pine Stands Read more
Heterologous Expression of Mycosporine-like Amino Acids Read more
The Role of DNMT3A Mutations in Pre-Malignant Clonal Hematopoiesis Read more
Two-way Superpatterns Read more