College of Engineering

2021 Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium


Nitrate Adsorption by Activated Carbon Read more
Analysis of Demand Change at a University Counseling Center Read more
Mechanical and Microstructural Characterization of HY-80 Steel Read more
Designing Chip Scale Surface Plasmon Electro-Optic Devices Read more
Investigating Virtual Reality's Capability in the Future of Nuclear Reactor Training Read more
Demonstrating the Capabilities of TEENI Electrodes in a Peripheral Nerve Read more
Development of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Vehicle Structures Read more
Optimization of Parameters for Aerosolized Nanoparticle Delivery Read more
Optimizing Neuroprosthesis Longevity via Electrode Design: The Role of Electrode-Site Area Read more
Measuring Motion of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Through Digital Video Analysis Read more
Framework for Rigid Microstructures Read more
Modeling Diffusion of Proteins from PEG-Based Hydrogels Utilized for Investigating Natural Killer Cell Migration Read more