College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

2021 Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium


First Generation College Students & Financial Literacy: The Impact of Social Connections Read more
Mapping Burrows of the Gopher Tortoise Read more
The Student Compost Cooperative - Cultivating Compost Collaboration Read more
Evaluating Changing U.S. Immigration Policy and the Agricultural Labor Supply Read more
Sustainability Analysis of Agricultural Development in Trinidad and Tobago Read more
Perceptions of SNAP on a College Campus and Obstacles to Applying Read more
Caregiver Influence on Physical Activity Engagement in Youth with Comorbid Obesity and Asthma Read more
Relationships Between Adolescent Alcohol Use and Gender, Urbanicity, and Family Profiles: An Exploratory Analysis Read more
The association between stress and coparenting quality: A quantitative analysis. Read more
Precision Ketogenic Therapy Throughout the Life Cycle Read more
Differences in thermoregulatory behavior in anoles across urban and forested habitats Read more
Examining Waterways Near UF Campus for Antimicrobial Resistance Read more
Drench Applications of Humic Acids Do Not Improve Southern Highbush Blueberry Transplant in Soilless Substrates Read more
The effects of cabbage looper herbivory damage on wild radish seed production Read more
Effectiveness of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for detecting Gopher Tortoise Burrows After Prescribed Fire Read more
Analysis of Earthworm Depuration Conditions and Kinetics Read more
Optimization of Algal Dehydration Kinetics Read more
Public perception to composting and perceived barriers to compost participation Read more
Assessing common bean (phaseolus vulgaris) under water stress Read more
Effect of Heat Stress During Late Gestation on Multiparous Holstein Cows and Offspring Read more
Garnering Attention on Social Media: A Multi-level Analysis of Nonprofit Behavior on TikTok Read more
An Outreach Approach on Antimicrobial Resistance & Citrus Greening Disease Read more
The Effect of Herbivore Interactions on Plant and Seed Development Read more
Identifying Interactions between Murine Norovirus, C. albicans, and E. coli mutants Read more
Effect of Broadband White Light Supplemented with Far-Red and Blue LEDs on Intumescence Injury of Compact Tomato Transplants Read more
The impact animal-based vs plant-based proteins have on inflammation makers among adults with chronic kidney disease: A systematic review/meta-analysis Read more
Carryover Effects of Fertilizer and Weed Control Treatments on Soil Nutrients and Organic Carbon and Nitrogen in Southeastern Pine Stands Read more