CURE Courses

2021 Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium


Caregiver Influence on Physical Activity Engagement in Youth with Comorbid Obesity and Asthma Read more
Relationships Between Adolescent Alcohol Use and Gender, Urbanicity, and Family Profiles: An Exploratory Analysis Read more
The association between stress and coparenting quality: A quantitative analysis. Read more
Cultural Programming Read more
Investigating Virtual Reality's Capability in the Future of Nuclear Reactor Training Read more
Demonstrating the Capabilities of TEENI Electrodes in a Peripheral Nerve Read more
Examining influenza vaccine administrations and popular internet search terms: Vaccine skepticism fueled by misinformation Read more
Reaching for the Stars: Exploring the Connection Between Light Pollution and Mental Health in the United States Read more
Precision Ketogenic Therapy Throughout the Life Cycle Read more