Meet the Executive Board

The Center for Undergraduate Research Board of Students is divided into committees, and each specializes in one of the organization’s initiatives. These committees are led by members of the executive board.

Get to know our committee leaders below!

Executive Director (he/him)

Brendan Wernisch

Welcome to our page! I am a fourth-year undergraduate URSP and USP student, majoring in chemical engineering and minoring in packaging engineering. I do my research on UF’s supercomputer with Dr. Janani Sampath’s group at UF, where we compile open-source and in-house computational tools to design soft materials for applications in cleaner energy and public health. After concluding my four years at UF, I plan to pursue graduate school with the goal of accelerating the design of sustainable polymer alternatives in packaging applications.
I strongly believe that undergraduate research is for every Gator, in any major. As a first-generation student, research led me to my passions as a very-undecided first-year student. It also provided me with the learning experiences I needed to develop my independence and confidence. Though most importantly, to me, was how research helped me build my network of mentors, whose leadership, learning, and teaching styles inform my own.
Wherever you are in your undergraduate journey, CURBS is here for you–every step of the way. Each member of our team comes from different fields, lived experiences, and motivations, but we are united for our passion for people, outreach, and, of course, the undergraduate research experience. Whether you’re an online student, a first-time researcher, non-STEM, or undecided where to head next, any time is your time to excel through research, and we’re committed to help you get there. Any time, I’m open to have a conversation with you at Thanks for checking out our resources!


Being on the CURBS e-board allowed me to provide leadership to other students seeking to find research experience. I was able to use these skills to present during workshops on how to find research positions and the benefits of doing undergraduate research.