What is URSP?

Our Story

A Little About Us

The University Research Scholars Program (URSP) is by invitation only and introduces its scholars to the exciting world of academic research.  In the program, students are exposed to many opportunities in which they can improve upon their skills as undergraduate researchers. These opportunities range from workshops and seminars to research centered courses and access to peer mentoring. Through these initiatives, students will take away understandings of how to utilize the benefits of undergraduate research.


The University Research Program:

  • Introduces students to the breadth of research at UF
  • Prepares students to become part of the research community at UF
  • Assists students in finding research opportunities
  • Offers students leadership experience
  • Provides networking opportunities with distinguished faculty
  • Offers students mentorship opportunities
  • Provides students the ability to present their research
  • Offers students an opportunity to publish their research

The Undergraduate Research Scholars Program helped to make my experience at UF more enjoyable. I was able to meet many different types of students in the research and creativity class and learn what research was like at this university.

URSP Student