URSP Program Requirements

Requirements to Graduate as a University Research ScholarĀ 

Year 1 Requirements

Category 1
*Learn about UF research by taking the Research & Creativity at UF course for 1 credit^ either Summer B or Fall, HUM 2930*

With permission from the director, you may be able to take one of the following substitutes:
Fundamentals of Research Integrity for 1 credit
Science for Life Seminar for 1 credit

*Additional Requirements Fall of Freshman Year*

Meet with your assigned peer mentor
Attend the Undergraduate Research Expo
Attend a minimum of (1) Research Seminar
Create an E-Portfolio to document your progress
Attend a minimum of (1) workshop
Read the Fall Common Read assignment

Category 2
Spring – Begin research in a Course-Based Undergraduate Experience (CURE) course for 3 credits

*Additional Requirements Spring of Freshman Year*

Attend the Undergraduate Research Symposium
Attend a minimum of (1) Research Seminar
Attend a minimum of (1) workshop
Update your E-Portfolio
Read the Spring Common Read Assignment

Years 2-5 Requirements

Category 3
*Begin undergraduate research with a Faculty Mentor*

You must complete a minimum of 4 semesters of research (~150 hours per semester, or 10 hours a week) after the start of your Second Year
You must complete 2 consecutive semesters of research at UF, and the remaining semesters can be off campus (i.e. REU)

With permission from the director, you may submit up to (1) of these semesters with another high-impact activity including study abroad, internships, design teams, etc.

Category 4
Present at the spring or fall UF Undergraduate Research Symposium a minimum of (2) times during your undergraduate experience

Category 5
*Publish your research*
Submit your research paper to a professional research journal or submit your research paper to JUR

*Additional Requirements Yrs 2-4*
Update E-Portfolio
Either continue to attend the UF Undergraduate Research Symposium or present your research at the Symposium
STEM – apply to a minimum of (3) REU opportunities for one summer
Present your research at a minimum of (1) URSP Research Seminar

Submit your abstract to a professional conference/UF Undergraduate Research Symposium
One of these can be substituted by presenting at a professional conference

Other Opportunities

*Other Opportunities We Encourage URSP Scholars to Participate in:*

Apply to University Scholars Program
Option to become an URSP peer mentor
Join URSP Advisory Board
Present at the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference