URSP Program Requirements

Requirements to Graduate as a University Research ScholarĀ 

All Core Requirements must be met before graduation to be recognized as URSP at graduation. A minimum of 8 points must be earned by completing Professional Development Activities of your choice.

Year 1 Core Requirements

Take Research and Creativity (HUM2930), (With permission from the Director, in the event of a scheduling problem students may enroll in Science for Life).
Attend the Fall Undergraduate Research Expo.
Attend 2 URSP Research Seminars (one in Fall and one in Spring).
Attend the Fall and Spring Undergraduate Research Symposia.
Create an E-Portfolio.
Attend 2 URSP or CURBS Workshops.
Read 2 Common Reads books (one in Fall and Spring).
Meet with your mentor in the Fall.
Take a CURE course (Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience).

Years 2 through Graduation Requirements

Complete a minimum of 4 semester of research (at least 2 must be consecutive). Students may substitute one semester with an internship, design team, or study abroad).
Attend at least one research seminar per year.
Attend at least one Undergraduate Research Symposium per year.
Update your E-Portfolio.

Professional Development Activities - Point System

Activities Worth 1 Point:

Present at a research seminar (Limit of 2, not during the same year).
Join the URSP Student Advisory Board.
Present two times at UF Undergraduate Symposium (1 point for every two times you present).
Meeting all mentorship requirements.
Submit research to UF Journal for Undergraduate Research (JUR).

Activities Worth 2 Points:

Present at a state/regional-level research conference.
Submit research for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
Become a University Scholar (USP).

Activities Worth 3 Points:

Present at a national-level research conference.
Publish a research in a peer-reviewed journal.
Submit a senior/honors research thesis.
Complete a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU).
Participate in Summer Undergraduate Research Internship Program (SURIP).

Other Opportunities

*Other Opportunities We Encourage URSP Scholars to Participate in:*

Apply to University Scholars Program
Become an URSP peer mentor
Join the URSP Advisory Board
Present at the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference