CUR Ambassadors

The CUR Ambassador program encourages undergraduate leaders who are passionate about undergraduate research to play a direct role in enhancing the undergraduate research experience on campus.

Our diverse group Ambassadors serve as official representatives of the Center for Undergraduate Research to University of Florida faculty, administration, and student organizations as well as act as a resource to undergraduate researchers throughout our community.

CUR Ambassadors hold one-on-one advising hours for students, perform educational outreach at primary schools, host research-focused events and workshops, and connect students to faculty across all fields. Our ambassadors are unified under the common goal to improve the undergraduate research experience and are committed to maintaining our university’s place as the top research institution in the state while working to become the best undergraduate research institution in the country.

Apply to be a CUR Ambassador

Applications open in the fall of each year

CURBS' Committees

Our organization is divided into committees which each specialize in one of our primary initiatives. Committees are run by members of the Executive Board. Learn more about our committees and committee leaders below.

Campus Outreach

The Campus Outreach Committee is responsible for promoting involvement in the undergraduate research environment. We coordinate classroom and general body presentations, speak to incoming students at Preview, and table in Turlington and in front of Newell Hall, aiming to serve all UF students and faculty members and jumpstart their research involvement.

Educational Outreach

The Educational Outreach committee aims to develop passion for discovery and experimentation in Gainesville youth. Serving children from various backgrounds across four elementary and middle schools, our weekly science clubs inspire and encourage learning for all students. Our interactive experiments and lessons combine the arts and sciences to provide a holistic approach to learning.

Peer Advising

Through one-on-one peer advising, CURBS aims to guide undergraduate students find and be successful in research. Peer advisors are experiences undergraduate researchers trained to work with students to help students find enriching research opportunities, apply to research scholarships and programs, create outstanding oral and poster presentations, and develop effective resumes.

Public Relations

The Public Relations committee is responsible for managing CUR’s interactions with the University of Florida community. Ambassadors work with our other committees to maintain social media accounts, document CURBS events through photography and videography, and design promotional flyers.

University Liaison Council

The Undergraduate Liaison Council is comprised of student representatives who collaborate with colleges at UF to uniquely address their needs and increase the quality of undergraduate research within each college. Liaisons work directly with college faculty to create research initiatives, further student outreach, and support underrepresented areas within research.


The Workshops Committee is responsible for planning and executing weekly events during the Fall and Spring semesters. Aiming to provide in-depth information and guidance on all aspects of research, these events can come in many forms, including lectures, discussions, and panels.

Meet the Executive Board

Our organization is divided into committees which specialize in each of our initiatives and are run by the Executive Board.

Learn more about our committee leaders below.

Being on the CURBS e-board allowed me to provide leadership to other students seeking to find research experience. I was able to use these skills to present during workshops on how to find research positions and the benefits of doing undergraduate research.

CURBS Alumnus