Annette de Kloet, PhD

Annette de Kloet, PhD
Project Title
The neural regulation of cardiometabolic function.
College of Medicine
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11-15 hours/week ,16-20 hours/week ,20+ hours
Unpaid with future paid opportunities
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Our laboratory uses an integrative approach in order to evaluate neural circuits involved in blood pressure and metabolic regulation.  A particular interest of the group is in determining the mechanism(s) by which metabolic and psychological stressors disrupt these neural circuits and contribute to the co-morbidity among metabolic, cardiovascular and stress-related diseases. The mutli-level approach used by the laboratory spans the use of several molecular, genetic, physiological and behavioral techniques that are performed in laboratory mice.  Some examples of the approaches used are: telemetry, which is used to assess cardiovascular parameters; optogenetics, in vivo calcium imaging, neuronal tract tracing, mRNA in situ hybridization, and immunohistochemistry, which are used to characterize the structure and function of specific sets of neurons; and genetic recombination techniques, which allow for the manipulation of gene expression in specific cellular phenotypes.  Multiple projects utilizing different combinations of these techniques are ongoing

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