Aria Eshraghi Ph.D.

Project Title
Investigating bacterial toxins that block immune response and cause disease
Time Commitment
16-20 hours/week, 20+ hours, Variable
Depends on lab funding, Research Credit, Unpaid with future paid opportunities
Possible Co-Authorship
College of Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine
Location of Research
Project Description

The Eshraghi lab studies how bacteria use virulence factors to evade detection by the immune system and cause disease. We use Francisella as a model bacterium to understand how bacteria inject toxins into the host and to characterize the molecular mechanisms that underlie pathogenesis. Elucidating the activities of these toxins will further our understanding of both bacterial virulence and mammalian responses to infection. Undergraduate trainees will apply molecular genetics, microbiology, and biochemistry to answer experimental questions that are fundamental to infection biology. No experience is necessary, but preference will be given to Sophomores and Juniors who are highly motivated and have a long-term interest in research. Competitive candidates will have sufficient time to commit to research and be highly thoughtful and organized. For more information about the lab’s research focus, please visit



Contact Info


phone:(352) 294-4194