Brian Stucky

Project Title
Ontobuilder: Software for ontology development and maintenance
Time Commitment
6-10 hours/week
Possible Co-Authorship
Project Description

We seek a motivated undergraduate researcher to assist with developing ontobuilder, a new software system for developing, maintaining, and releasing ontologies. (Ontologies provide the semantic framework for knowledge bases and knowledge representation systems.) Ontobuilder is implemented in Jython and makes heavy use of numerous Python modules and Java libraries. There are multiple opportunities for an undergraduate researcher to contribute to this project, depending on the students’ skills and abilities. These opportunities include designing, implementing, and testing new software features; developing end-user documentation; developing and implementing a software website; and developing operating system-specific installer packages. This project will give students ample opportunity to learn new programming tools, sharpen their software development skills, and gain experience with ontology development and knowledge representation technologies. Depending on a student’s contributions, there will also be opportunity for publication co-authorship. At least some programming experience is strongly preferred.

Contact Info


Phone:  (352) 294-2086