Dr. Chris Martyniuk

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Project Title
Molecular and behavior effects of pesticides on zebrafish embryos and larvae
Time Commitment
6-10 hours/week
Possible Co-Authorship
College of Veterinary Medicine
Location of Research
On-Campus, Remote (can be conducted by an online student)
Project Description

Environmental contaminants remain a significant issue for wildlife and human health. Research in the Martyniuk laboratory is focused on the effects of environmental contaminants in both zebrafish and cell lines. We use molecular, physiological, and behavioral assays to study impacts of environmental chemicals, primarily pesticides and herbicides but also chemicals found in plastics. For in vitro cell work, we use cell models of Parkinson’s disease to determine how chemical exposure affects neurodegeneration. We measure cell death, mitochondrial function, and metabolism. We also use live zebrafish embryos and larvae to study behavioral endpoints related to anxiety, activity, locomotor performance to study how chemicals affect the central nervous system. Zebrafish are an exceptional model for human disease and can be used in high throughput whole animal screening assays to detect adverse effects of chemicals. The long-term goal is to protect wildlife and human health. Students are encouraged to present their data at local conferences and the large majority of undergraduates have published in our laboratory. We mentor undergraduate students from the beginning and students, when comfortable, eventually develop their own project with guidance. Interested students are encouraged to learn more as our website https://martyniuk.vetmed.ufl.edu/home/

Contact Info

Contact Phone:  352-294-4636

Contact Email:  cmartyn@ufl.edu