Dr. Darryl Chamberlain Jr.

Darryl Chamberlain Jr., PhD
Project Title
How Undergraduates Develop Advanced Mathematical Thinking
Time Commitment
1-5 hours/week
Unpaid with future paid opportunities
Possible Co-Authorship
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Location of Research
Remote (can be conducted by an online student)
Project Description

This project focuses on how undergraduate students develop an understanding of advanced mathematical thinking. Prospective research students are expected to apply their understanding of mathematics to investigate how students develop an understanding of specific mathematical concepts. Researchers will: (1) Determine the mathematical concept they want to focus on; (2) Choose a theoretical framework to analyze the concept with; (3) Collect data from students through an interview or assessment; (4) Analyze the data with their theoretical framework; and (5) Write a preliminary report on their results.

Additional requirements: Successful completion of Calculus I.

Contact Info

Email: dchamberlain31@ufl.edu

Phone: (352) 346-5134