Dr. John B. Williamson, Assistant Professor

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Project Title
Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, Emotion, Neuroimaging, Vagal Nerve Stimulation, Psychophysiology
Time Commitment
11-15 hours/week
Possible Co-Authorship
Project Description
This University of Florida human neuroscience laboratory focuses on applied and mechanistic work in traumatic brain injury, sleep, PTSD, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, aging, and neurodegenerative disease. We have active federally funded projects in these areas that are in various stages from just starting to complete datasets that are being analyzed. Our projects are multi-modal and multi-system and methods include neuroimaging (MRI based technologies including fMRI, DTI, MRS, and ASL), neurophysiological (heart rate variability, startle-blink responses, EEG, polysomnography, and cognitive/emotional tools (neuropsychological assessments, psychiatric interviews). Center affiliations include the Center for Cognitive Aging and Memory, the Center for OCD and Anxiety Related Disorders, and the Brain Rehabilitation Research Center (BRRC). We encourage the completion of honors thesis projects. Undergraduates participating with us have strong records of presentations and publications as well as admittance to medical school and graduate schools. 

Contact Info

Email:  john.williamson@ufl.edu

Phone:  NA