Dr. Mateus Rocha

Project Title
New photoinitiators for dental resins induced by metal nanoparticles surface plasmon resonance
Time Commitment
6-10 hours/week
Possible Co-Authorship
Project Description
This research project aims to cure an experimental methacrylate formulation using free radicals generated from the thermal cleavage of benzoyl peroxide, when activated by the local heat of the surface plasmon resonance of Ag nanoparticles. In dentistry, thermo activated resins are cured by a free-radical polymerization initiated by the thermal decomposition of benzoyl peroxide (BP), but the reaction needs to take place around 70 ⁰C to occur. The potential heat generates from SPR AgNP could be transferred to the benzoyl peroxide in formulation, leading to its cleavage and consequent free-radicals generation for the reaction system.

Contact Info

Email: mrocha@dental.ufl.edu

Phone:  (352) 392-0508