Dr. Matthew J. Traum & Dr. Sean Niemi

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Project Title
Conservation and movement ecology of terrestrial animals, Disposable Syringe Function & Failure to Inform Innovation in Engineering Design Pedagogy
Time Commitment
6-10 hours/week
Research Credit, Unpaid with future paid opportunities
Possible Co-Authorship
Project Description

The UF MEchanical engineeRing desiGn pEdagogy (MRGE) Lab is revolutionizing engineering design instruction to better prepare students for careers of the future. One MERGE teaching innovation is focus on “Just-In-Time” design case studies relevant to college classrooms rather than abstract “Just-In-Case” examples currently in use. Our approach teaches students how to learn by better connecting hands-on projects to their real-world experiences. Deep dive reverse engineering case studies are needed to test the innovative MERGE approach to design instruction. The research student on this project will lead an engineering analysis to identify every attribute of a 10 mL polypropylene disposable medical syringe including 1) mechanical function, 2) failure modes, 3) usability, 4) manufacturing, and 5) tolerancing. The student researcher will then synthesize findings into a classroom case study, which underpins a pedagogical research protocol to measure effectiveness of MERGE “Just-In-Time” instruction relative to conventional “Just-In-Case” engineering design teaching.


Contact Info

Email:  mtraum@ufl.edu; srn@mae.ufl.edu

Phone: (352) 294-6897; (352) 294-3381