Gidon Jakar

Gidon Jakar
Project Title
Spatial analysis of professional sport venues in the United States
College of Health and Human Performance
Time Commitment
1-5 hours/week ,6-10 hours/week
Location of Research
On-Campus ,Remote (can be conducted by an online student)
Possible Co-Authorship

Project Description

The purpose of this (currently unfunded) project is to compound and analyze a comprehensive dataset of geographical data related to sport venues used by professional teams in the United States. The project is primarily based on the use of ESRIs GIS (Geographical Information System) but in the early stages will focus on the collection of relevant files online. the ultimate objective is create a publicly accessible database and conduct research on the data related to the development and geography of sport venues. Knowledge of GIS is not required and part of the research opportunity will be learning to use the software if not previously known.  

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