Hannah Rusch, Graduate Research Assistant

Hannah Rusch, Graduate Research Assistant
Project Title
Diversification of perennial pasture systems with cover crops and cool-season forages
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Time Commitment
Research Credit Unpaid Unpaid with future paid opportunities
Location of Research
Off-Campus ,On-Campus
Possible Co-Authorship

Project Description

Project 1: SARE (https://projects.sare.org/proposals/show/656138/10953/)

This project aims to improve the productivity and ecological benefits of bahiagrass (Paspalum notatum Fluegge) pasture by incorporating legumes and over-seeding cool-season annual forages to enhance soil organic matter and year-round growth, optimizing on-farm resources and reducing external inputs.

Project 2: Multiple Cover Crop Species Trial

The objective of this project is to evaluate whether different combinations of cover crop species and functional groups provides benefits for grazing during the cool-season, improved forage nutritive value and nitrogen cycling within beef cattle pasture systems. 

In both of these projects, students will engage in field data collection at the Beef Research Unit in Waldo, FL and data processing in the Agroecosystems Ecology Lab (https://www.agroecosystem-ecology.com).


Additional Requirements
Field data collection involves being outdoors for several hours. This may involve exposure to a range of temperatures, rain, insects, and other conditions.

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