Jack Judy, Prof.

Jack Judy, Prof.
Project Title
Tracking Rapid 3-D Motion with Many Small Cameras for Use in Sports and Medicine
Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering
Time Commitment
11-15 hours/week ,16-20 hours/week ,20+ hours ,6-10 hours/week ,Variable
Depends on lab funding Research Credit Unpaid with future paid opportunities
Location of Research
On-Campus ,Remote (can be conducted by an online student)
Possible Co-Authorship

Project Description

In this project we want to explore the use of many small cameras, signal-processing chips, and powerful computers to precisely reconstruct the rapid 3-D movement of objects (e.g., balls, etc.) and eventually the entire human body and its interaction with objects. Although advanced motion-capture technology exists, it typically requires costly fixed infrastructure and the use of special tags attached to the moving objects. In contrast, this research project will use an array of inexpensive cameras to track movement without the use of labels. This new motion-tracking technology could be used in sports (e.g., to quantify physical activity for improved skill training and team coordination and play execution) and in medicine (e.g., to quantify movement associated with injury recover, degenerative brain disorders (e.g., Parkinson’s disease), and other conditions). By developing accurate, inexpensive, and reliable ways to measure physical parameters of interest, engineering can enable new levels of quantification that can positively disrupt industries, improve clinical therapies, advance scientific understanding, and support the success of teams and individuals in athletic competitions. Students involved in this project will gain experience with multi-camera systems, image processing, data analysis, algorithm development, and physical validation experiments.

Additional Requirements
Experience with programming and Python is very helpful but not required. It can be rapidly obtain from free on-line trainging resources.

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