Jason L. Williams

Project Title
Geometric morphometric analysis of introduced, exotic, and invasive species in the ant genus Nylanderia
Time Commitment
11-15 hours/week
Possible Co-Authorship
Project Description
Nylanderia is a globally-distributed ant genus that includes over 130 described species, over a dozen of which are known as introduced, exotic, or invasive species. Delimitation and identification of Nylanderia species has historically been difficult due to high morphological conservatism and a lack of useful characters. This project will involve the use geometric morphometrics on images of ants to quantify morphological characters and compare them between Nylanderia species. The data generated will complement phylogenomic data in an integrative approach to resolving difficult species boundaries and finding useful morphological characters for diagnosis of potentially destructive invasive species. The student would be involved with curation, imaging, and assisting with morphometric analysis. No previous curatorial or taxonomic experience required.

Contact Info

Email: jwilli81@ufl.edu

Phone: (443)-844-2697