Rahul Banerjee & Ruchir Mishra, Postdoctoral Research Associates

Project Title
Bacterial toxins for insect control
Time Commitment
6-10 hours/week
Paid, Research Credit
Possible Co-Authorship
Project Description
We work on the use of toxins derived from the bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) for sustainable control of various insects. We have two positions available. The research assistants may assist with toxin expression and purification, bioassays, baculovirus expression of proteins, and potentially molecular research according to experience. Experience with molecular biology/biochemistry and basic wet lab techniques is preferred. Applicants should send a resume and short cover letter to Drs. Banerjee and Mishra.

Contact Info

Email: rbanerjee1@ufl.edu; mishraruchir@ufl.edu.

Phone: (352) 273-3973