Victoria Miller, Assistant Professor

Victoria Miller, Assistant Professor
Project Title
Materials engineering research in metals
Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering
Time Commitment
1-5 hours/week ,11-15 hours/week ,6-10 hours/week
Depends on lab funding Paid Research Credit Unpaid with future paid opportunities
Location of Research
On-Campus ,Remote (can be conducted by an online student)
Possible Co-Authorship

Project Description

Multiple projects available! Liquid metal embrittlement, laser forming of sheet metal (in space!), improving the lifetime of jet engines, predicting process-microstructure relationships with machine learning, etc.

My research group is 70% experimental and 30% computational, and we are focused on using modern tools (e.g. machine learning, simulation-guided experiments, advanced electron microscopy) to tackle problems in metals research which were previously unsolvable. With these advanced capabilities, it is now possible to develop structures and explore property spaces which were historically unachievable. 

Students without a background in materials science are welcome–just be ready to learn! Some (but not all) projects require at least basic code literacy. 

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