Zhihua Jiang, PhD

Project Title
Hemodynamic Influence on Smooth Muscle Cell Kinetics and Phenotype During Early Vein Graft Adaptation
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Project Description

The lab studies aortic aneurysm development. Smooth muscle specific deletion of TGFβ receptor subunits is the basic animal model used in our studies. Other models such as minipump based chronic infusion of angiotensin II, nicotine infusion, nose cone smoking are often used in combination with the basic model in individual projects. Using these models, we are committed to addressing several clinically important issues such as TGFβ signaling dysregulation in aortic aneurysm formation and mechanisms through which risk factors, including gender and tobacco smoke, exacerbate aortic aneurysm development. Both genetic and pharmaceutical approaches are utilized to tackle these issues. Techniques routinely applied in our studies include cell culture, microsurgery, histology, molecular assays, flow cytometry, and ultrasound imaging.

Contact Info

Email: jiangzh@surgery.ufl.edu

Phone: (352) 294-5688