From Jacksonville, Florida

Kavitha Vudatha

Director of Workshops (she/her)


Hi! I am a third-year computer science student on the premedical track. This will be my third year in CURBS. I was previously a member of the Workshops committee and a Co-Director of Workshops, helping to host workshops and being given the opportunity to create/host workshops with other members.

I currently conduct research in Dr. Rolf Renne’s lab in the UF College of Medicine’s Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. My research focuses on investigating the role of long noncoding RNAs in cancers caused by Kaposi Sarcoma-associated Herpesvirus (KSHV) using bioinformatics methods. In my spare time, I enjoy running, playing the piano, and cooking.

CURBS has allowed me to share my love of research with the undergraduate students at UF, and I am excited to continue organizing and creating research-oriented workshops for this year!